An idea might be bulletproof
But does it come in different
shades of Orange?

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We are a 360-degree digital content agency. We have a knack for web films, films, audio storytelling, social media; and more. We take immense pride in not just our crazy ideas, but also crafting them until they are transformed into the ultimate cross-platform customer dialogue. In a generation of digital noise, we believe in the power of articulate, purposeful, ROI-focused communication for digital platforms. We still believe in high-quality content over spends, and you will find this reflected in just about everything we do, award-winning or not. Also, we love the minions. Almost as much as our cutting-chai.



Audio | Video | Viral Videos | Photography | Animation | Design

We believe that storytelling (read: visuals and films) is among our most powerful gifts, and make for perfectly memorable brand conversation-starters. From spoofs and stand ups to stop-motion, our content solutions give digital campaigns the purpose and buzz they deserve. We spin articulate tales for web and social platforms that score the digital wins your brand needs.

Creative Content Development
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Mobility Solutions
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CE focuses on utilizing its expertise in content creation to generate revenue through operators. Expertise in this space grants us capabilities in our B2B business, through knowledge-sharing with customers.



SMS platforms

Enterprise solutions


Page management | Contests | Social Activations | Websites | Social Apps | SEO-SEM

An estimated 148 mil Indians are on Facebook. Let that sink in. Kids are addicted to Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube now, more than ever. As a brand, social media, across platforms has become a front stage act you simply can’t miss. But with everyone out there having exactly the same proposition, who’s to say what makes you unique? We’ll help you figure that out, if only you give us a call. Pukka!

Social Media Marketing
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As much as we’d love to show you all our work. A small taste will have to do for now.
[A spectrum of creative strategic services]
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Clients Speak

Team Mobilart is a bunch of young creative thinkers and producers who have a sound understanding of the content business. At Sony Music, we have had a great experience working with them.


The work of Mobilart clearly helped us set the tone right, communicating the paradigm shift for Farex; and we know that the MobilArt team put their best foot forward, in delivering the change.


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Once someone is part of our team, clients or employees, they are essentially extended family. Yes, team work is the indisputable crux of this family; except when it comes to birthday cake. Then, it’s every man for himself.


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